Project results presented at privacy/surveillance conferences

As the research of the ‘Digital Citizenship and Surveillance Society’ is coming to a close, we are presenting snapshots of our research results at privacy and surveillance conferences. On Wednesday, 20 April, Arne Hintz will discuss the project findings at the IAPP conference in London, a forum of privacy professionals and data security experts. After that, members of the project team will attend the 7th Surveillance & Society conference in Barcelona and will hold a panel to present the project results on Saturday 23 April.

DCSS Project Discussed at Guardian Privacy Forum

Preliminary findings from the project ‘Digital Citizenship and Surveillance Society’ were presented and discussed at the Guardian Privacy Forum at the Guardian News & Media offices in London on Monday 14 September. Three of the project investigators – Dr Arne Hintz, Dr Lina Dencik and Prof Karin Wahl-Jorgensen – presented results from the workstreams that deal with the media coverage of surveillance and with public knowledge and civil society reactions. Drawing from their content analysis, focus groups and interviews, they highlighted the inadequate nature of media coverage and the powerlessness of users who, while being concerned about surveillance, do not know how to address and resist it. An audience of journalists, privacy officers and lawyers reviewed and discussed the research findings.

Ben Wizner (Edward Snowden’s Lawyer) keynote to Cardiff University

Ben Wizner gives a keynote speech about what has happened in the two years since the Snowden revelations. He gives four snapshots of the ways in which the security state has lost some of its power and where the public has gained a voice since the Snowden revelations:

1) Courts and judicial review of surveillance and intelligence programmes
2) US Congress and the legislatures
3) Technology
4) The media

This talk was presented at the 2015 conference Surveillance and Citizenship held at Cardiff University’s School of Journalism, Media and Cultural Studies.

DCSSproject at the Data Power conference

New week, new conference…  After the successful conference ‘Surveillance and Citizenship’ last week in Cardiff, parts of the DCSS project were presented at the ‘Data Power’ conference in Sheffield today. Lina Dencik analysed findings from the ‘civil society’ stream of the project and argued that issues around surveillance should be incorporated into broader political, economic and social concerns.