Research Seminar: Wednesday 29 April, 4pm, room 0.05, Bute building, Cardiff University

Digital Citizenship and Surveillance Society: UK State-Media-Citizen Relations after the Snowden Leaks
Arne Hintz, Lina Dencik, and Karin Wahl-Jorgensen

The 18-month ESRC-funded research project “Digital Citizenship and Surveillance Society” explores the nature, opportunities and challenges of digital citizenship in light of the governmental surveillance measures revealed by whistle-blower Edward Snowden. Since the initial leaks were published by The Guardian and the Washington Post in June 2013, the revelations have prompted significant debates on the nature of civil rights in a context of security; the extent of state interference in civil life; the accountability of government agencies and corporate intermediaries; the uses of technical infrastructures; the protection of our privacy and personal communication; and the role, responsibilities and limitations of journalists reporting on state activities. This project analyses the implications of the Snowden leaks in four areas: policy, law and regulation; technological infrastructures; civil society, advocacy and activism; media coverage and press freedoms. Four of the project’s investigators and researchers will present preliminary results.