News Media

Research questions

a. How have the British news media represented the Snowden leaks and digital surveillance more broadly?
b. How have journalists responded to the events following the Snowden leaks, in particular with regards to press freedom and the handling of security-related information?

Research methods

The project has 1) conducted a content analysis of the news coverage of surveillance and the Snowden leaks by British press, broadcast and blogs; and 2) conducted interviews with journalists who write about related issues.

Lead investigator

Prof. Karin Wahl-Jorgensen (Cardiff University)

Research output

Journal article – The Normalization of Surveillance and the Invisibility of Digital Citizenship: Media Debates After the Snowden Revelations. International Journal of Communication
Journal article – Explicit terror prevention versus vague civil liberty: how the UK broadcasting news (de)legitimatise online mass surveillance since Edward Snowden’s revelations. Information, Communication & Society

Discussion Paper – Surveillance discourse in UK broadcasting since the Snowden revelations

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